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(For command area development)

We have speciality in professional and quality work in various types of Pipe Materials such as HDPE, PVC, DI, Per Stressed Pipes etc. The projects implemented by us cover Piping work including Jointing, Excavation, Lowering and Laying with wide range of Pipe Diameters varying from 63mm to 1200mm


We have proud expertise in construction of Kolhapur Type Weirs. These Weirs need huge amount of excavation, concreting and time for dewatering. Our team of experienced engineers has successfully constructed multiple such Weirs resulting in increased amount of command under irrigation. Most of these sites had local disputes, however our team successfully mitigated all those issues.


We have one of the best End-to-End Water Supply system, right from Design, Development, Supply of material & equipment, installation and Commissioning of Water treatment plant. Our State of Art Construction facility is designed to provision all Water supply related work under one roof. The focussed functioning of the facility ensures timely delivery of the project and further enhancing Customer satisfaction. The meticulous planning and project delivery assist Clients to experience exceptional quality of the water and increased revenue for their organization.


The biggest achievement of ours is not only having wide range of machineries and Equipment, but more importantly it is the qualified, experienced, and dedicated team of Professionals that run our chain of Earthwork excavation and transportation. It is no wonder that we are renowned for our fleet of tipper trucks and Machineries.


The diversification of ASP's business has led to formation of the ‘Dhanrains Eco Resorts Pvt Ltd.’ A professional approach primarily aimed at nature conservation, organic farming, yoga and Ayurveda in form of Hotels, resorts and farming. In the first phase, we have taken over Regina’s Place (at Ashwem Beach, Goa) on contractual basis to study, adapt and improvise the operations of the resort and transforming it. We have further acquired 28 Acres of land at Kode Village, Gaganbawda, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The objective is to convert this land into complete organic experience of farming the Milk, Chicken and eggs. The produce of this land will be provisioned to our upcoming projects of numerous hotels and resorts managed by Dhanrains Eco Resorts Pvt. Ltd. Counting on our vast experience of delivering various projects in our Construction business; we havemeticulously planned our foray into Hospitality business. The aim is to achieve continuous growth, maximise customer satisfaction and consistently maintain high standards of quality Service to every customer.

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